Q. We’re upheaving, aren’t we?

A. That’s a rhetorical question.

Q. May I not ask it?

A. There you go again.

Q. What will be accomplished?

A. Things will be heaved up.

Q. Is that good or bad?

A. Take your pick.

Q. Will we do better? Is there an opportunity to make progress, grow, become, see, hear?

A. There is always the opportunity.

Q. Will we seize it?

A. Who is we?

Q. I’ll ask the questions.

A. Then get back to it.

Q. Will we clean or foul our nest?

A. We’re very good at both.

Q. Are you going to persist in your extremely irritating part of this conversation?

A. You distract me. I’m carrying buckets. The water is spilling.

Q. That’s my fault?

A. Hush, monkey mind.

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