Yet More Words about Serialization

Sign up for the next round of serialization of Body in the Pond at the contact address just below. (“…at…” means “@”)

The manuscript has now been serialized twice as a work of performance art and gone around the world. New readers from Switzerland have already signed up for the next round. (Hadn’t had any Swiss before. Lovely.) The new round will begin, as always, when it starts. If you would like to receive it, free, no awkward entanglements or commitments, just free lit every Monday as a tonic in dire times, please write.

In Other News

We fled to the mountains, where the air is fresh and clear, the skies are blue, and the social distance is vast and beautiful. Then we returned to the city, streets crowded with beings trying to navigate the confusion of their species. Winter is coming, but this autumn is beautiful.

Contact: unfetteredlit_at_gmail.com

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