“Body in the Pond” Second Serialization

The second serialization of Body in the Pond will begin in May 2020.

(See a sample on this site under Murder at St. Max Part 2.)

The first round went smashingly well. Although I had warned readers that “no feedback would be tolerated,” because this is not some sort of writers group effort—I am just giving it away—the saxophone player, bookstore owner, and former writer for an English weekly in Paris encouraged me to do something further with it.

While I may lazily send it to agents—I once had an agent, and this idea always seems appealing after a drink in the evening—publishing is no longer the goal. I’d like to see how far around the world I can send it. I now have a list of willing recipients stretching across Central Africa, India, Taiwan, a few European countries, and elsewhere.

Want to join? The rules remain that no feedback will be tolerated. Two short PDF’d chapters will arrive via email each week. It’s free, of course. And a pleasant unexpected diversion as we shelter in place.

This is not a business venture. This is just me sending my child into the world and hoping it visits some very interesting people, even some extremely interesting people. Entertaining and curious people at the least. Find out more about me than you want to know via the LinkedIn link below.

Let me know if you’re interested at UnfetteredLit@gmail.com.

Serialization will begin by end-May 2020.

SD Williams

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