The Holidays Over, Serialization Awakes

Post-holiday preparations are now feverishly under way for the third international serialization of the novel Body in the Pond, a tonic for dire times.

Feverishly being a relative term.

Let’s say, this round begins this winter, when we’re cold and quarantined, when we all need a regularly recurring bit of warmth and light from a humble performance art project in the Dickensian tradition.

A chapter (or two), every Monday in your email box.

Sign up at unfetteredlit_at_gmail_dot_com.

Free. The only follow-up email you will ever receive will be a request to refer others.

Feedback is not only not requested but will not be tolerated.

Body has been read by readers from India to Taiwan to Jamaica to England to Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States and, well, probably elsewhere, who knows.

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