Any Advice?

About what?

Anything, really.

I’m afraid not.

Why not?

What an odd question.

Everyone wants to give advice, don’t they?

Sometimes it seems.

And these words are available on the internet, aka the universe’s advice column, are they not?

In a very little corner of it.

The world is full of advisors helping us use our time more effectively, turn our anxiety into an asset, sleep deeper, and wake brighter. So full that it seems advising is the primary aim of our species, doesn’t it?

I take it that you would counsel that I should be advising.

Why not give it a try?

I have no advice.

What did you do yesterday afternoon?

Listened to Keith Jarrett, read Liu Cixin, and fell into a deep and wonderful sleep. It was the weekend. I’d just dug a drainage ditch for the outlet from the sump pump.

Well there you go!

Where’s that?

Surely you can make something out of that.

I advise you to undertake strenuous physical labor, shower, listen to good music, read a fine book, and fall sleep.

Excellent. What benefit will accrue when I do this?

You would be asleep.

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