“Body” Approaches the Codas

This is the end?

It is neither an apocalyptic nor dystopian book.

What’s the difference?

Ask me something I can answer.

So, then, the story is ending?

Nothing ends in an infinite universe.

But something is reaching completion, is it not?

The third serialization, the third trip around the world, the current trail of stopovers in exotic places—yes, that has had its denouement. Only the codas remain.


Yes, of course.

How did the denouement end?

Smitty said to Martha, “Dear, tell him to pack plenty of insect spray, and that we expect great things of him.”

The first coda?

Benschloss noted, “I gestured toward his bobber on the water. ‘You’ve got a fish.’”

And the second?

Chitwood writes, “I know that sounds dangerous, but we already know the world’s dangerous.” Well, that comes near the end, but I like it, so there you go.

Poetry. Are there more?

I have moved on.

To where?

More dangerous territory.

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